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holy spit!

holy spit! is a personal blog exploring the intersection of the spiritual, contemplative, liturgical, and political in the Christian prophetic tradition. holy spit! grew out of organizing and activist work from a faith framework and a vision for an unapologetic, embodied, liberative iteration of Christian thought and praxis: one that de-centres whiteness, strives for deeper solidarity with the marginal and Othered, interrogates systemic injustice, and enacts holy mischief, all grounded in the revolutionary notion that, in Dr. Cornel West’s words, “God sits high, looks low, and sides with the oppressed.”

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Resetting The Table

Resetting The Table is a podcast started by myself, Maria Mulder, and Trixie Ling, and seeks to expand imagination around race, place, and faith in the pursuit of collective liberation. We birthed this podcast out of a desire to see more BIPOC voices speaking their stories and truth, and to create a platform for robust, curiosity-provoking, and thoughtful conversations that orient us towards a faith-full and fearless shared life.

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